Meet Lora – Better Able To Understand Her Patients And Daughter After Treatment

“I have been working with Hope Hearing for about six months now. I had started to have trouble understanding my daughter and what she was saying. It was also affecting my work and my ability to communicate with others. So I scheduled a hearing test and found that I had moderate hearing loss. I called around to some different locations and did some research on hearing aids and found a type of hearing aid that I wanted to try. Hope Hearing had it in stock and available to demo.

When I walked into Hope Hearing, I was greeted by very friendly staff that is phenomenal. They just have a warm, friendly environment that you really can’t beat. I work as a nurse, so with my hearing loss, it made it more difficult to communicate with patients. The hearing aids made it easier to hear the patients better and learn about their symptoms. Since receiving the hearing aids, I can understand both my patients and daughter a lot better. They make everything crisp and clear.

If you are looking for a place to get your hearing checked and get assistance with hearing loss, Hope Hearing is phenomenal. They offer consultations so there is nothing to lose by getting your hearing checked early.”