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Talk to us – please reach out for an initial consultation and the opportunity to return to living life to the fullest.


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Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

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Everyone can benefit from a consultation. People often don't realize how much their tinnitus and/or hearing is impacting them until it gets better. Research shows a huge link between the auditory system and cognitive function. Coming in for a baseline evaluation can be highly beneficial.

    Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

    Symptoms We
    Tend To See

    It's never too early or too late to reach out for a hearing evaluation. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that it might be helpful to do so.

    Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

    Common Questions

    Below are some common questions or concerns you or loved ones may have.

    How Do I Know If I Need An Evaluation?

    Talk to those who are around you the most and ask them if they think you are hearing well. Your significant other and close family and friends are normally the first to be encouraging of getting your hearing checked out. The truth is you may not know what you are missing because you don’t hear perfectly, but it will be a mystery until you come see us! 

    Am I Too Young To Have Hearing Loss?

    Aging and hearing loss starts at age 30, but many people experience hearing loss after one loud noisy experience that could happen at any age. Certain decibel levels over an extended period of time can cause hearing loss. To be the healthiest you can be schedule a hearing evaluation. 

    When Should Tinnitus Be Treated?

    Anyone at any age can have tinnitus. We have treated patients with tinnitus anywhere from 10 to 90 years old and beyond, all receiving benefits and improvement with their tinnitus. 

    Are There Discreet Hearing Aid Options?

    Nowadays, devices are so small that people do not notice them. We offer a variety of styles to accommodate any cosmetic concerns.

    Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

    Stay Connected
    With Telehealth

    We offer virtual consultations nationwide. Choosing the best provider for you shouldn't be limited to where you live. Through telehealth consultations, we can help you manage your journey to hearing health from anywhere in North America. With teleconferencing and other software, staying in touch with an audiologist that you choose is easier than ever.

    How Does Telehealth Work?

    While in-person appointments are still required for some services such as hearing tests, we can help keep your program on track remotely with:

    • Hearing Device Maintenance/Support
    • Troubleshooting Issues
    • Progress Check-Ups

    If any repairs are necessary, we also offer shipping and drop-off services, so we can manage devices from anywhere.

    How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

    Telehealth appointments can be conducted by phone or video call. Prior to scheduling this type of appointment, we'll establish what works best for you. This might include a cell phone or landline for basic phone calls, or a device with a camera and audio capabilities like a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. If you're interested in virtual/telehealth appointments, please contact our office and let us know.