Meet Dan – After Testing Hearing Aids, He Found a Solution That Works For Him

“I’m at Hope Hearing due to the fact that I have a hearing impairment or a hearing deficit. I have a ringing in the ear that never goes away. It’s constant. I saw a television ad for Hope Hearing and decided I should either schedule an appointment or just live with it. So I decided to take action.

I thought they were very empathetic. Every one of the staff members was really positive and I felt welcomed. Once Dr. Kellogg gave me the hearing assessment, she was very clear on what the challenges would be and how we would begin resolving the problem. She had narrowed it down to two hearing devices and I wasn’t willing in the moment to commit to one or the other. They allowed me to run a week-long trial with both devices.

Since finding the right pair, I’ve found that the more I wear my hearing aids, the more I am able to go about my day without the ringing. I like Hope Hearing because they are genuine and authentic. Dr. Kellogg is fantastic and the other staff members have been nothing but warm and inviting. If you believe that you can’t hear very well, they will give you an initial assessment. What do you have to lose? Nothing to lose, but everything to gain.”